LGBT Netroots Connect provides LGBT and allied activists, community leaders bloggers and media a forum to strengthen the online community and grow the progressive movement. We inspire action and the growing of new ideas to affect change. Since our founding in 2008, Netroots Connect has provided over 600 partial and full scholarships to Netroots Connect meetings, Netroots Nation conferences, The National Blogger & Citizen Journalist Initiative and other meetings throughout the year. Join our mailing list for application updates.

Testimonials From Our Scholars

2017, Atlanta, GA: Thank you for your generous support. As a blogger of five years but very new to the LGBTQ blogging community, I was very appreciative to be invited to Netroots Connect. I learned a a lot and connected with some really cool people. Thank you for making that possible.

2015, St. Louis, MO:  Sometimes we take a gamble on supporting efforts where we can’t always predict what the return on investment might be but believe me that this is an investment. Being able to meet, collaborate, and connect in the real world with other GLBT bloggers and staff makes a big difference in the effectiveness of our movement. Thank you for supporting us.

2013, San Jose, CA: Thank you so, so much for supporting events like this with scholarships. Meetings like this are extremely important tools in the movement for equality. When online activists can come together and communicate in person like this, we all benefit.

2012, Providence, RI: The breadth of information and the sheer number of fellow online writers and organization communications staff able to attend, makes Netroots Connect great. Seeing the diversity that only a scholarship program can provide gives me hope for our community’s future.

2011, Minneapolis, MN: I really appreciate your scholarship program. This conference has contributed to my personal growth and my growth as a communications director of an LGBT organization. Without your scholarship I never would have been able to attend. Thank you!